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We are a society of students at the University of Surrey which campaigns on issues related to Climate Change and Human Rights. We are part of the People and Planet Network and are supported by the charity & NGO (Non Government Organisation) People & Planet. This is our primary website, but we do also have one on ussu.co.uk which is where you can join the society (our union website is quite complex, sometimes broken, and needs an up to date version of Firefox / Chrome / Safari to be able to login).

Logo of The University of Surrey Fossil Free Camaign
Logo of the University of Surrey Fossil Free Camaign

We are currently running the Fossil Free Campaign as our primary campaign and have so far managed to get both the University Sustainability Group and Students’ Union to support our calls for the University to sell it’s investment in the fossil fuels industry. To find out more about the campaign, the motivation for running and how you can get involved in the next stage see our Climate Change campaigns page.

To find out more about the human rights campaigning activities, campaign opportunities and how you can get involved see out Human Rights campaigns page.

GoGreen Social 2013 - Pub Crawl ?
GoGreen Social 2013

Our weekly meetings  normally consist of an informal discussion group with a facilitator/chair. We try to rotate who chairs from meeting to meeting. Each meeting has an agenda normally proposed by the committee but any member can amend it either at the start of the meeting or by talking to the committee prior to the meeting. Lots of discussions, although important to give everyone a say in the decision making process, can get boring / tiring so we try to keep things fun / engaging / constructive by moving on from discussion to do something else each meeting such as: watching a film, making a banner, a seminar on a topical issue, role play, workshops…

We as a society always need more members / volunteers in order to both sustain / grow our current campaigns and start new ones. Campaigning requires everything from talking to people face to face when collecting petition signatures or working with University staff through to writing emails / reports, making banners / posters / flyers and things you’ve thought of but we haven’t. So whether you’ve got lots of ideas, have no clue what climate change is or don’t know what you can do to effect change, there is a place for you. Any campaign is only as good as the team running it; it’s vital to have a diverse and representative group, so don’t worry if you don’t think you’ll fit in. On this note, making the society open and accessible to everyone is a challenge with which we would appreciate your help. Please email us or talk to one of the committee if you have any feedback / suggestions / issues.

To join our society, please click the ‘Join Us’ button on our Students’s Union website (when it’s working and you’re logged in).

Questions / ideas / suggestions? email ussu.peopleandplanet@surrey.ac.uk

Motarge of Society Photos
Montage of Society Photos